Hallmark Movie Review: Dater’s Handbook


Aired: 1/30/16 on Hallmark Channel

I love math, logic, and numbers.  I’m an actuary and I like things orderly.  But, when it comes to matters of the heart, using an algorithm or checklist of any kind is fruitless at best, and more than likely asinine.  A catchall set of rules for the heart will work for maybe one or two people and probably create a disaster for anyone else.  So when Dater’s Handbook’s premise is built on Cassandra (Meghan Markle) using a dating guidebook to make different dating choices, I was less than impressed.  At least it has the decency to point out how stupid it is to use a set of rules.

Cassandra has had a string of dating the wrong man – all men who can’t/won’t commit [which, hey, thanks for the stereotype Hallmark.]    So, to change her luck, she decides to change her approach.  On the advice of her sister, Nadia, she follows the step-by-step instructions of the new book Dater’s Handbook.  It advises female readers to ignore how they feel about someone and instead go after a man who is “reliable and dependable.”  As Cass’s mother points out, it makes it sound like she is shopping for a major appliance not someone to spend her life with.  Cass has two suitors, one of which she has chemistry and fun with; the other suitor is rich, pretentious, and duller than dirt.  She must decide between the two.  The book says to choose the dullard; anyone with an ounce of common sense would choose the other guy.

Markle is by far my least favorite actress on Suits.  She doesn’t exactly endear herself to me here either.  She is slightly annoying, but takes a backseat in that department to Nadia.  Nadia is foisting the boring guy on Cass because that is what the book says – even though Cass doesn’t seem remotely interested in him or have anything in common with this boring guy.

I was probably never going to like Dater’s Handbook just based on the premise, but the two lead actresses got on my nerves.  I am sure others will find this movie far more likable than I did.

WWYT Rating: 5.95

Ranking: 41

37t. A Novel Romance

37t. Accidentally in Love

37t. Looking for Mr. Right

37t. Perfect on Paper

42t. Reading, Writing, and Romance

42t. Wishing Well


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