Hallmark Movie Review: Appetite for Love


Aired: 2/6/16 on Hallmark Channel

In my last Hallmark review, I pointed out how much I liked how the lead fell in love with the area, then found a job she loved, then fell in love with the guy.  Appetite for Love is the exact opposite.  The lead, Mina, has a job she loves, loves living in the city, (in fact, couldn’t wait to get out of her small hometown after high school), but of course ends up there, because they always do.

Mina is named the brand manager for a new franchise restaurant, Hart’s, that her company just bought.  Hart’s is owned by her high school sweetheart, Clay, in her hometown in Tennessee.  Clay inherited the diner from his father who passed away suddenly after selling the diner to ICB (the company Mina works for.)  If you have seen a Hallmark movie before, you know where this is headed.  She butts heads with Clay at first, but eventually comes around to love him and the small town, which she hated so much at the beginning of the movie.  How long before she gets bored with it again?  A year?  Two?

The entire premise is shaky at best.  I don’t understand why the deal was made in the first place.  It makes no sense from either party’s perspective.  ICB buys this tiny diner in the middle of nowhere Tennessee – why?  Even the executives realize that the food from the franchise is terrible, and they claim people will go there for familiarity of “Americana.”  Except that the movie makes it pretty clear that this isn’t a tourist destination, so who exactly would be going to the franchise restaurant for “familiarity?”  If you aren’t going there for the food or for the atmosphere, why did they think they would get any money out of this deal?

On the other side, why did Clay’s father sell the place to a giant heartless corporation?  His son is more than willing and able to run the business, why wouldn’t he just let his son take over?  If they were struggling for cash, they could do a number of things to improve profits before selling to a company that will completely change your business model for the worse.  Frozen meat?  Lousy food?  What part of that sounds like a winning strategy, especially when you have local farm fresh ingredients available?

Appetite for Love makes little sense from a logical standpoint, and I don’t see why Mina would stay in the small town she couldn’t wait to leave as a teenager.

Rating: 5.75

Ranking: 53

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54. Love Begins (Series of movies)


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