Meta: Life is funny

Life is funny.  Five years ago, I was planning to leave the actuarial profession and start my own triathlon coaching business in Denver, Colorado.  I imagined that by this point in time, my business would be up and fully running with a studio and dozens of clients.  Insert any adage you want about plans and how well they usually go.  Needless to say things did not go according to plan.  I immediately discovered that it was going to be very difficult to bring in clients.  My personality does not lend itself to marketing me or my business.

Here I am five years later, and I am ready to take the next step in my career.  I am returning to the actuarial profession and moving to Reno, Nevada.  Starting March 14, I will be working for Employers Insurance – they provide workers compensation insurance to small businesses around the country.  They continue to add new states in which they do business.  I am very excited to join a growing business.  It is a smaller company than the one I used to work for, and should be a great environment for me.

Am I sad that my business didn’t work out?  A little.  Do I regret it?  Not for a single second.  During this time, I met the sweetest woman in the world and she agreed to be my wife.  So even though I didn’t make any money with my coaching business, it is still the best thing I have ever done.

Now I am sure many of you don’t care about my personal life and want to know what this means for this blog.  It means that posts will be far less frequent.  I will be shooting for one post per week.  It may be a bit less if work gets in the way, or more if I can churn out some additional reviews.  I don’t know, because life is funny.


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