Restaurant Review: Bimini



Dining Date: 3/17/16

I hadn’t had a chance to go out to eat to celebrate my new job.  As anyone who has ever moved can attest, you are just way too busy to do much of anything other than pack.  For anyone who has never moved, I highly recommend it if you living a stress free life or really looking to make your life more complicated.  During my first week in Reno, I went to a casino to watch the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament.  My nominal bets were going poorly and I needed to eat, so I found a board with menus for all eight restaurants in the casino, and after 15 minutes I narrowed my choices to two – Oceano and Bimini.  seafood or a steakhouse.  Given that I couldn’t decide between the two, I wanted a surf & turf option and only Bimini, the steakhouse, offered that.

My first experience was a positive one.  They asked my last name when I asked for a table, so the waiter called me Mr. [Last Name] for the entire evening.  It was a nice touch, even if completely unnecessary.  They had a couple managers walking the floor, to ensure that the service was top-notch.  They only had one minor misstep with the service: After dinner, I ordered a coffee; when it came I went to the bathroom only to have it completely cleared when I returned – before I had taken a single sip.  The busboy was apologetic, and quickly returned with a new cup of coffee.  It is a hazard of dining as a singleton.  Other than that the service was exceptional.

The bread was not warm, but it was very clearly freshly made.  The focaccia was soft and delicious, and there was a raisin crisp that was also very good – they were served with olive oil, vinegar and parmesan cheese.  I devoured the bread – a sign that I was extremely hungry.  As a proponent of “the quality of bread is directly proportional to the quality of the restaurant,” it was a good start.

The amuse bouche was a shot of a raspberry smoothie.  It was more of a palate cleanser than an amuse, but I still found it tasty.

As discussed, I wanted surf & turf.  They had two options; I chose the 8oz Filet Mignon & 16oz. Alaskan King Crab Legs.  The Filet was fantastic – perfectly seasoned.  It came with a creamy horseradish sauce that complemented the steak well.  I asked for it to be cooked medium, but I think it was more medium rare [frankly, half the reason I order it “medium” is in case it is under cooked.]  The King Crab Legs were good, but they were lukewarm at best – I don’t know if that was a me problem, because I ate my entire Filet before cracking into the Crab Legs.

Everything is served a la carte, so if you want veggies or a side dish you need to order it separately.  A minor exception was a dish of olives that came with my meal.  I love olives, but I have no idea how they related to my surf & turf meal.  For a side, I ordered a crock pot of Mac and Cheese (with a creamy white cheddar cheese sauce and diced black forest ham).  It was everything that a mac and cheese should be.  It was topped with some crispy bread crumbs for textural contrast, the ham was top notch and “white” cheddar is cheddar as it should be not with yellow food coloring.

I was stuffed after this meal.  All the flavors were spot on.  The few minor missteps (medium rare Filet, Crab Legs were cool, clearing the coffee before I even started it) were enough to deter from a great meal – even the bill was completely reasonable considering it is an a la carte selection – sure you can spend a lot at Bimini if you try, but I have spent multiples more at other restaurants than I spent on this night.

WWYT Rating: 8.4


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