Movie Review: Woman in Gold

woman in gold

Released: 4/10/15

I may have mentioned this before but I like things as far from reality as possible (in my entertainment selection – fantasy books, sci-fi TV shows).  As such I tend not to like “Based on a True Story” stories.  It isn’t that they aren’t well done; in fact, it is usually the opposite – they tend to be well acted and compelling.  Woman in Gold is Based on a True Story and true to form I can’t say I loved it.  It was well done, and is certainly is a good movie, it just isn’t for me.

During the course of the movie, I discovered why I don’t care for Based on a True Story movies, especially ones focused on the little guy taking on a giant.  Are we really surprised at the outcome?  They aren’t going to make a Based on a True Story when the giant stomps all over the little guy – that happens hundreds of times a day, no one wants to see that.  So when you see a Based on a True Story movie centering on the little guy, you can guess how it ends.

In Woman in Gold, Maria Altmann is fighting the Austrian government to retrieve paintings that were stolen from her family by the Nazi’s.  The Austrian government fights her because one of the paintings, Woman in Gold, is a national icon.  We’ve discussed how this is going to end, but really, Austrians, do you really think siding with the Nazis is a good call?  A general guideline for life is if the Nazis did it, maybe you should rethink your position.

Is Woman in Gold a good movie?  Yes.  Helen Mirren is great and Ryan Reynolds is decent in a serious role for him.  Is it a movie that is for me?  No, the farther from reality the better.

WWYT Rating: 6.9

IMDB: 7.3



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