TV Review: Daredevil


Airs: Netflix

Review: Pilot

I’m sure everyone reading has already binge watched Season 2 of Daredevil, while here I am reviewing the very first episode.  It took me so long to watch this since, I had more than enough in my queue to keep me busy, but with the recent move I have reduced my queue to only the shows that I really want to watch [I was forced to switch providers, meaning I need to rebuild my queue from scratch].  This opens up some time to watch things that I have neglected, like Daredevil.

It seems that there is an oversaturation of comic book related movies and shows, but I have heard Daredevil is worth watching. They weren’t wrong. The blind lawyer who fights crime at night using his other heightened senses is excellently played by Charlie Cox.  One of the problems the comic book-related shows have is “the backstory.”  Every superhero has one, but any adaptation either relays too much backstory, which takes away from the main plot (like the first Thor movie) or there isn’t enough backstory, which leaves viewers confused (Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD).  Daredevil mixes in the backstory perfectly, just enough to give you an idea of what is going on, but not so much that you are wishing for more action.  The overall season arc was well set up, with the Big Bad established as well as the premise for Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) and his legal partner Foggy Nelson.

If I have the chance I will binge watch to catch up, until then no spoilers from all of you who are ahead of me.


WWYT Rating: 7.5


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