TV Review: Fuller House

fuller house

Airs: Netflix

Review: Pilot

Whatever happened to predictability?  Indeed, Fuller House, you are living up to your title song with your predictability.  I had 30 minutes to kill and nothing else to watch, so I watched the first episode of Fuller House.    I survived, and that is the extent of good things to say about it.

The first 15 minutes were so forced it was physically painful to watch.  The actors forced their old catch phrases into a script that was clearly relying on Full House – old jokes that sort of worked 30 years ago.  The next 15 minutes were an improvement, with a semi-coherent storyline to set up the new series rather than just reuniting old characters.  But the storyline is exactly the same as the original –DJ Tanner is a widow who needs help taking care of her three kids so her sister and best friend move into the (original) house to help her.

Full House was never a great show, but it was cute and tolerable.  Fuller House is neither.  The jokes are stale and ill-placed, and a copy-cat storyline — there is no point in watching this.  If you must, just watch the original.

WWYT Rating: 2.1


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