Hallmark Movie Review: Hearts of Spring


Aired: 4/9/16 on Hallmark Channel

Lisa Whelchel, better known as “Blair” from Facts of Life, stars in Hearts of Spring.  In fact, she is only known as Blair, but that is what happens when you don’t play another role for 30+ years.

In Hearts of Spring, Blair plays a flower shop owner who also blogs about parenting – and frankly it is bad parenting advice (so much worse than bad reviews).  She basically advises parents to let kids do whatever they want (under the guise of “listening to them.”)  Michael Shanks (I miss Stargate) is a pediatrician who has to deal with the obnoxious brats that her advice churns out.  Shanks starts writing nasty comments on Blair’s blog.  When Blair and Shanks meet in real life the attraction is instant, but unbeknownst to them they are each other’s online rivals.  This gives the movie a Shop Around the Corner vibe (except reversed).

As it turns out, both of their parenting styles are wrong.  Shanks is too strict and Blair is too loosey-goosey, but together, you guessed it – they will make a great team!  Or that is what is heavily implied by Hallmark.  There is nothing exceptional about Hearts of Spring, it is just like all the others.

Rating: 6.01

Ranking: 38

  1. In My Dreams

39t. A Novel Romance

39t. Accidentally in Love

39t. Looking for Mr. Right

39t. Perfect on Paper


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