TV Review: Containment


Airs: Tuesdays @ 9/8c on The CW

Review: Pilot

My “favorite” Armageddon scenario is a plague/disease pandemic, so it is only natural that I tend to watch these shows and enjoy them more than most. The reviews on Containment so far have been less than stellar, however.  My feelings are mixed, there are good parts and bad parts.

First, the good.  Containment actually handles the disease part well.  All the characters are rational and do everything they should to prevent the spread of the disease.  Yes, there are rather graphic depictions, but we are talking about a highly contagious disease with a 100% (!) mortality rate (they based that off the 2 out of 2 people that have died – sample size people, sample size.  Nothing actually has a 100% mortality rate – septicemic plagues have a near 100% rate.)

Now the bad.  Why are kids taking a field trip to the Infectious Disease Center?  I mean what parent in their right mind would sign that permission slip?  What’s next?  Crab fishing?  Coal mining?  A cigarette factory?  Next were the soap opera elements – the pregnant teenager who want to run off with baby daddy – but can’t get out of town because of the quarantine.  Other than that she has no connection to the story.  The on again/off again romance between the police captain and his girlfriend.  The school teacher and cop budding romance.  I don’t care about any of these things.  I realize these sub-plots are an attempt to humanize the characters and make me like them – it backfires.  I don’t care, just spread the disease.  Oh yeah and it starts on Day 13 then goes back to Day 1 – by now you all know how much I love that device.

Overall, I’ll give Containment a chance, but the soap opera elements may make me turn it off for good.

WWYT Rating: 6.0

Nielsen Ratings: 0.5 I am not sure what it actually takes to get cancelled by the CW.  No one actually watches Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but it was renewed anyway.  Containment is billed as a “limited series event.”  Still – even those don’t have a resolution half the time – if it does well they make a series out of it, if it doesn’t they claim it was never intended to last longer.  Chance of renewal: 50%.


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