Hallmark Movie Review: Love by Chance

love by chance

Aired: 4/16/16

Love by Chance is the final installment of Hallmark’s Spring Fling.  If you wonder how Hallmark can crank out so many movies in a year, it is because they use about two scripts and then just change the names and casting and film a new one.  Love by Chance is the “I’m going to start this relationship with a lie” script.

Helen Michaels is a psycho, over controlling mother.  Helen controls her daughter’s work, clothes, and love life.  Psycho mom even creates an online dating profile for Claire (her daughter).  Psycho mom sets up dates, meets the potential suitors, telling them to go out with her daughter.  These men can’t run away fast enough, because, well, obviously, their future mother-in-law would be a nightmare.

During one of these attempts to convince a poor sap to go out with her daughter, psycho mom meets a man wearing a shirt two sizes too small.  Psycho mom tracks down Mr. Tight Shirt at his pediatric office and convinces him to “accidentally” run into her daughter.  It is love at first sight when Claire and Mr. Tight Shirt meet at an art show later that week.  Complications arise because Mr. Tight Shirt promised psycho mom that he would pretend like it was an act of fate that brought them together, not an act of psycho mom.  When Claire finds out, she breaks up with Mr. Tight Shirt.  Except this is Hallmark so everyone is eventually forgiven and lives happily ever after.

Love by Chance is a standard Hallmark plot.  The characters are likable enough (even psycho mom), but nothing exceptional about the main characters, nor the sidekicks.  I didn’t love it or hate it.  If you come across this by chance, feel free to watch it, but just be aware that your mother probably organized for you to see it.


Rating: 6.31

Ranking: 24

22t. Away & Back

22t. My Boyfriend’s Dogs

25t. A Taste of Romance

25t. Be My Valentine


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