Hallmark Movie Review: Tulips in Spring

tulips in spring

Aired: May 14, 2016 on Hallmark Channel

Tulips in spring is exactly what you’d expect, so is the movie Tulips in Spring.  Tulips in fall might a little bit more surprising.  But what do you know, Hallmark went with what was expected.

Rose loves flowers.  She is named after a flower, wears floral patterns, talks about flowers all the time, and her parents own a tulip farm.  So logically, she is an interior designer.  Sure, she tries some mumbo jumbo about not doing what is expected of her as the rationale for not taking over the family farm.  Of course, this means that without her the farm is struggling to survive (seriously, how did any Hallmark family ever run a business without a child?).  Anyway, when Rose’s father breaks his leg, she returns to help out while he recovers.  Upon her return, she discovers a tulip broker has entered the family in a special contest (one that will lead to added publicity and potentially save the farm).  Their efforts to grow a special flower, however, have been sabotaged by another tulip farm owner, Violet.  Since this isn’t tulips in fall, Rose saves the day, the flower wins the contest, Rose falls in the love with the broker, quits her interior design job and moves back home.

Tulips in Spring has some head scratching decisions – like Rose’s decision to become an interior designer and the threat Violet holds over the broker.  I would have expected that a broker would have way more leverage over a single tulip farm than the other way around.  The broker knows all the key retailers, and could get business from other farms.  But predictability is Hallmark’s strength (and weakness), so Tulips in Spring is exactly what you’d expect.


WWYT Rating: 6.22

Ranking: 29

28. The Country Wedding

30. Perfect Match


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