Movie Review: The Mechanic


Released: 1/28/11

I like Jason Statham.  Though there is no rationale reason why I should – his movies are pretty universally terrible.  The Transporter wasn’t bad, I guess.  Crank was so bad it was almost good.  Everything else (of his films?) is a derivative of one of those and usually worse.  The Mechanic falls in that category.

In The Mechanic, Statham plays a hitman, Arthur Bishop.  The company he works for asks him to assassinate his mentor and best friend Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland).  The only reason Arthur follows through with the killing is because the company gives Arthur “proof” of Harry’s betrayal of the company.  Arthur makes the hit look like a carjacking gone wrong.  Harry’s son, Steve, is out for vengeance, and attacks any carjacker he can find.  To protect Steve from doing something stupid, Arthur begins training him to be a hitman.  You can 100% guess exactly what happens the rest of the movie – the twists are the same twists that come in every Statham movie.

The Mechanic had over-the-top violence and a paper-thin plot (predictable and somehow implausible at the same time). Yet, I still like Statham.  I don’t know if it is fighting style or something else, but I will probably continue to put Statham movies in my queue, even if there exactly like all the other Statham movies.

WWYT Rating: 5.0

IMDB Rating: 6.6


One thought on “Movie Review: The Mechanic

  1. I have yet to meet a Jason Statham movie that I didn’t enjoy in some form (either his performance or the movie). Maybe, the Expendables stuff. Maybe.


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