Restaurant Review: Pisces Sushi


Date: 6/1/16

All-you-can-eat sushi is dangerous for me.  I don’t seem to notice getting full from sushi until it’s too late (when the button on my pants threatens to become a lethal projectile from the strain of my belly).  Pisces Sushi is helpful in one regard – they offer half rolls, which allows me to try more rolls without rolling home from the more-than-I-can-eat sushi.

I started with the Pisces and the Sun Flower rolls.  The Pisces roll is their signature roll, with spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, avocado, and Cajun tuna.  I see why this is their signature roll, it was the best roll I had all night.  The flavors complemented each other perfectly.  The Sun Flower roll is spicy tuna, cucumber, tuna, shredded crab and tempura crunch.  The panko crumbs add something special, but the spiciness is lost among all the other ingredients.

For my next wave, I got the Dynamite (pepper mix and tuna) and High Roller (baked avocado, kani, salmon).  The spiciness that was lost in the Sun Flower, is found in the Dynamite.  It isn’t the wasabi spicy that clears the sinuses but the pepper-y spice that threatened to overwhelm the overall dish. The High Roller was the second best roll I got this evening.  It was unique (even in a world where sushi chefs have a seemingly infinite number of combinations).

Finally, I got the K-pop and Godzilla.  The K-pop is described as bulgogi (marinated beef).  I figured beef onions and rice would be right up my alley (almost a Mexican dish), but this combination didn’t work for me and was very much not sushi.  I would not recommend getting this roll.  The Godzilla on the other hand, was mayo and yellow tail – then deep fried.  Not sure you can call something deep fried and sushi at the same time, but it was good nonetheless.

All six of the (half) rolls that I tried were different in their own way – sometimes different sushi rolls can blend together in flavor.  There were plenty of other rolls that I wanted to try, but I knew from previous experience that if I had any more I would soon regret it.  The all-you-can eat deal at Pisces Sushi applies to everything on the menu (unlike other places I have been).  I didn’t see any sashimi on the menu– not surprising, but disappointing.  They did, however, have nigiri on the menu, which I didn’t try.  I’ll definitely have to come back to try everything I missed the first time around.

WWYT Rating: 7.4


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