Book Review: Assassin’s Quest (Book #3 Farseer Trilogy)

Assassins quest

Published: 3/3/1997

Author: Robin Hobb

In my review of Royal Assassin I mention that Fitz (the main character) is an idiot and even book three, Assassin’s Quest, points it out.  After a couple hundred pages of Assassin’s Quest even Fitz recognizes that he is an idiot.  This recognition in no way changes his behavior, but at least he is aware of it.  For example, he has the ability to communicate with animals.  He meets someone with this same ability, someone who offers to teach Fitz how to use his ability.  Fitz declines because he is an arrogant buffoon thinking he doesn’t need any training.

Fitz is on a mission to kill the acting king, Regal.  He does so without a plan, the result is predictably an epic failure.  He only survives because his uncle and the true king, Verity, saves him through magic from many miles away.  During the process, it is imprinted on Fitz to go beyond the mountains to seek out Verity.  So he travels, is met with hardship, travels some more, met with more hardship, finally he travels and is met with yet more hardship.  Then the book is wrapped up in 20 pages.

I had seen many good reviews for this trilogy and I had high expectations.  Perhaps my expectations were too high, because the series certainly did not live up to them.  I do like my characters a little flawed, but Fitz was so flawed as to be unlikable.  Assassin’s Quest was better than Royal Assassin, but I still think there was too much time spent travelling and not enough on the climax and denouement.   I find I am disappointed because Hobb’s writing is very good – it sucks you in to the book regardless of how you feel about the characters.

WWYT Rating: 6.9 (Assassin’s Quest; 6.4 for the Farseer Trilogy)

Goodreads Rating: 4.17/5


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