Movie Review: Battleship


Released: 5/18/2012

Battleship was released the same year as John Carter, making it the summer of Taylor Kitsch, aka Riggins from Friday Night Lights.  This time Landry also has a starring role, making it a partial reunion, too bad Battleship wasn’t as good as Friday Night Lights.

Alex Hopper is a massive screw up.  No money, no job, constantly getting into trouble with the police.  His brother enlists him in the Navy to instill some discipline.  It doesn’t work, because years later he is still a massive screw up.  Yet despite this he has somehow managed to get promoted to Lieutenant and not kicked out of the Navy.  When aliens attack, his superior officers are killed leaving Hopper in charge.  It is very reminiscent of Independence Day, except without the speech.  You know the speech – the one you always mock publically, but secretly brings a tear to your eye every time you hear it.  Yeah, Battleship doesn’t have that.

Like all alien battle movies, it is completely absurd.  Humans launch their pitiful technology at the aliens, the aliens laugh and say “that tickles.”  But then an hour or so later when the hero human launches that same pitiful technology at the aliens it somehow works.

Is Battleship a good movie?  No, the dialogue is awful and the plot is laughable.  Is Battleship an enjoyable movie? Yes, Hopper is a lovable loser, the effects were fun, and the tie-in to the Hasbro game was clever.  If you have some time, there are worse things to watch.


WWYT Rating: 6.5

IMDB Rating: 5.9


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