Hallmark Movie Review: Date with Love

Date with Love

Aired:5/21/2016 on Hallmark Channel

Hallmark does the 80s.  Date with Love channels John Hughes with its teen angst.  The most comparable movie I thought of was Some Kind of Wonderful, which is probably my favorite Hughes movie.

David wants a date to the prom, so he asks a girl only to be rejected.  Apparently, he asked 15(!) different girls and was rejected by all of them.  No word on whether he was just going in alphabetical order or not.  Wouldn’t the, say, tenth girl be offended?  I mean I’m not  female (and never have been, NTTATWWT), but it is my understanding that girls talk to each other. Anyway, after number 15, he goes in a different direction – he asks a famous movie star.  Since she is in need of some good publicity she agrees to go to the prom with him.   We, of course, are supposed to ignore that a 26-year-old movie star going out with the (hopefully) 18-year-old high school senior isn’t icky.  Meanwhile, David is too blind to see that his best friend likes him (it’s unfortunate that her last name started with a zee (probably)).

In the end, Date with Love gets some bonus points for breaking from the normal Hallmark script and moving toward an 80s style movie, but not enough and it still suffers from eye rolling dialogue and plot, just like any other Hallmark movie.


WWYT Rating: 6.42

Ranking: 19

  1. Smooch

20t. Bridal Wave

20t. Honeymoon for One

20t. I Married Who?


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