Restaurant Review: Los Compadres


Date: 6/3/16

I said in my El Paisano review that Mexican food is my favorite cuisine.  Los Compadres is a more traditional Mexican restaurant, where you sit down rather than order at the counter and then sit down (like at El Paisano).  Since it was noon on a workday, I did NOT have a margarita (something I usually have at any Mexican restaurant).

The chips were better [to me] than El Paisano, and served with a hot salsa and mild salsa, a nice option but lacking the salsa bar that gives El Paisano the edge.  I ordered the beef chimichanga.  On the plus side, the chimichanga was well and truly smothered in melted cheese – a super bonus.  I might even eat asparagus if you smothered it with cheese.  The beef was shredded; I tend to prefer my beef ground, however that is a personal preference and won’t necessarily deduct points for that.  The shredded beef was a bit dry however, and for that I will deduct points. Finally, even though I ordered the chimichanga, I couldn’t tell you what made it different than a regular burrito – there is usually a distinct taste/fried flavor to a chimichanga that I was unable to detect.

There was nothing special or unique about Los Compadres, it is standard Mexican fare.  This is not a bad thing, the chips and chimichanga were good, just nothing extraordinary.  I wish I could have had a margarita to get a full picture, but the food alone will have to do.


WWYT Rating: 7.0


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