Hallmark Movie Review: Stop the Wedding

stop the wedding

Aired: 6/10/16 on Hallmark Channel

When Anna’s aunt Belle gets engaged to a famous celebrity, Sean Castleberry, Anna fears that he will just break her aunt’s heart before moving on to his next conquest.  When Clay Castleberry’s father gets engaged, he assumes the bride-to-be is just a gold digger.  So, Anna and Clay team up to Stop the Wedding.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.  Anna and Clay realize that they have made a mistake – Belle and Sean do love each other.  Then an even funnier thing happened on the way to the altar.  Anna and Clay fall in love.  Bet you didn’t see that coming from a Hallmark movie.

Rachel Boston, who plays Anna, is much better here than her previous roles on Hallmark movies – she actually displayed the proper range of emotions instead of smiling and laughing at everything.  The one thing not made clear, however, is how Anna and Clay are going to make their relationship work.  Anna owns her own law firm in San Francisco, while Clay owns his own medical practice in Boston.  Neither of these things are mobile.  Where are they going to live?  Is this going to be a long distance relationship?  Anna at least has the sense to point this out, but her aunts just dismiss it saying love is all that matters. Insert eye rolly emoticon* here.

Stop the Wedding was a mostly logical and sensible plot for Hallmark (other than the whole living-3000-miles-apart thing).  The director was clearly better than normal as well – getting Boston to be a normal person.  That earns Stop the Wedding above average rating but not much more since it still had some question marks.

WWYT Rating: 6.32

Ranking: 25

23t. My Boyfriend’s Dogs

23t. Away & Back

  1. Love by Chance

*No I am not calling it an emoji.  When did it change?  And why did it change?  Emoticon is more correct.


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