Movie Review: Prometheus


Released: 6/8/12

I loved Aliens.  I saw it before Alien, but that didn’t seem to bother me.  When I did get around to finally watching Alien, it didn’t have the same impact.  Aliens had the building suspense that freaked me out.  It is one of the few movies that are A) scared me and B) I liked it.  Why am I talking about Alien(s) when this review is about Prometheus?  Because Prometheus is very reminiscent of the Alien(s) saga.  A little too much like the original (Alien)

The first hour draaaaagggged along.  There was no conflict to bring me in to the story.  I was so bored I started doing chores while leaving the second half on in the background.  It’s probably a shame because it seemed to get more interesting, but I kind of already knew what was going to happen, because I had already seen Alien.  And there were a lot of elements straight from Alien.  A lot.  In fact, when as I prepped to write this review, I checked to see if Prometheus was a prequel to Alien – and the short answer is yes, yes, it is.

I might have given up on Prometheus a little too early, but even then I had some logical questions about the ending (which I will drop, because I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone who wants to watch it).  That said, it took too many elements from Alien to be a decent original movie.  If you are an Alien saga fanatic, then I would recommend Prometheus, otherwise you can probably skip it.

WWYT Rating: 4.0

IMDB Rating: 7.0


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