2016 Fall Preview: Monday


Kevin Can Wait (9/19 @ 8/7c on CBS)

Premise: A retired cop spends more time with his family.

Reaction: I’m not exactly sure why a 50-year-old man is retiring (Injured on the job?  Inherited a ton of money from his in-laws?)  This appears to be another sitcom about a fat, lazy, husband who does nothing redeeming while his beautiful wife takes care of the kids while he goofs around.

Star Power: 6 – Kevin James and a few people that you have seen before but no one else with a household name.

Prediction: For some reason these sitcoms typically do pretty well, plus it is on Monday with The Big Bang Theory lead in for the first several weeks of the season.  However, with a tired concept and little interest, this might be a flop.  Chance of renewal 55%

Conviction (10/3 @ 10/9c on ABC)

Premise: The former first daughter of the United States, who is a constant screw up, gets tapped to lead a team that gets innocent people out of prison.

Reaction: I have no idea why such an unfitting person is chosen to lead what seems to be a pretty important task force.  The concept seems a little too bleeding heart for my taste.

Star Power: 4 – You’ve seen these people before, but I’ll give you a penny if you actually know their names and a second one if you know where you’ve seen them before.

Prediction: This fills the void left by Castles cancellation.  Following Dancing with the Stars was once a path to success, but now that isn’t a certainty.  While the competition isn’t all that fierce, I have heard zero buzz about this show, which suggests that it will die before it ever really gets going.  Chance of renewal 15%

Timeless (10/3 @ 10/9c on NBC)

Premise: Go back in time to save history.

Reaction: Time Travel is hard.  I’m sure I’ve said that on this blog before, but I’ll say it again.  How will they handle paradoxes?  That seems to be a central theme, so they have to handle it correctly.

Star Power: 3 – Abigail Spencer – Do you know who she is?  I’m sure some people do, but if that is your lead, your star power is rather limited.

Prediction: With the relentless promotion during the Olympics, and it’s prime timeslot after The Voice, I expect this show to start strong, perhaps even very strong (very strong would be a share over 4.0).  However, with this type of show, it will probably lose viewers every single week.  Where it bottoms out will determine its ultimate fate, I suspect that it never will truly bottom out.  Chance of renewal 49%


Man with a Plan (10/24 @ 8:30/7:30c on CBS)

Premise: Mom goes back to work, so dad now takes care of the kids.

Reaction: Joey Tribbiani returns to TV, this time as a dad.  While the show seems meh, one of the sidekicks looks funny.

Star Power: 5 – Matt LeBlanc and Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office)

Prediction: Not sure any of the Friends cast has had a great deal of success post-Friends.  With the delayed start, following an unproven show I wouldn’t get your hopes up for the show.  Chance of renewal 20%



2 thoughts on “2016 Fall Preview: Monday

  1. I can tell you one person that doesn’t find retiring at 50 to be that unusual, and it has nothing to do with inheritance or injury. Fat and lazy also sounds about right for me. I’m in. Sounds like my life story.

    Matt LeBlanc was REALLY good in Episodes. I would consider 5 seasons on Showtime to be a success. We’ll probably watch this show as well, with the only bad news being the fact that it exists is the reason why there isn’t a sixth season of Episodes.


  2. I know plenty of people that retire at or around 50, but generally not on a cop’s salary.

    Lisa Kudrow has web therapy, Courtney Cox had Cougar Town last several seasons, Jennifer Anniston is doing okay for herself too. So yeah, ignore the comment about Friends being a bad omen.


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