2016 Fall Preview: Tuesday (Corrected)


American Housewife (10/11 @ 8:30/7:30c on ABC)

Premise: A “fat” housewife deals with living in a looks-conscious society.

Reaction: This has potential, but could go downhill quickly if it devolves into nothing but self-deprecating fat jokes.

Star Power: 3 – It’s the other guy from Drew Carey Show, Not-Ryan-Stiles.  I personally find him hilarious, but I don’t know his name.

Prediction: ABC juggled their lineup this year, moving The Middle to anchor Tuesdays instead of Wednesday.  A move I think might payoff, Tuesday nights are not exceptionally strong (though The Voice has their results show and NCIS still exists).  I think this has a shot to survive.  Chance of renewal 60%

Bull (9/20 @ 9/8c on CBS)

Premise: A trial consultant helps defend clients

Reaction: This looks like Lie to Me, a show I actually liked, but they jerked it around so much that it failed.  This had some funny moments, but it could run into difficulties if it becomes too much like a law show defending the über-wealthy.

Star Power: 7 – Michael Weatherly left NCIS for this.

Prediction: With limited competition and a cushy timeslot (right behind NCIS) it should perform well.  Hardly any views on the trailer is very ominous sign.  Still, I have a theory that people who watch CBS don’t ever change the channel.  Chance of renewal 55%

This is Us (9/20 @ 9/8c on NBC)

Premise: I don’t know.  It follows a bunch of people that have the same birthday?  That seems to be the only connection and I’m not sure that the storylines with overlap.

Reaction:  It looks super depressing.  An obese woman who can’t lose weight, a man who was abandoned by his father, a triplet who dies during child birth, an actor who is unhappy with his life.  Why do I want to watch this?

Star Power: Minka Kelly, guy from Heroes, guy who played Oliver Queen on Smallville.

Prediction: Tons of promotion during the Olympics.  Tons of people have watched the trailer.  Will they have the same reaction as I did?  Maybe, but if the show is well done, this could be the breakout hit.  Me, I probably won’t watch it.  Chance of renewal 60%

No Tomorrow (10/4 @ 9/8c on The CW)

Premise: Crazy man thinks the world is going to end in eight months.  Shy, no-confidence Evie has huge crush on him.

Reaction: I laughed.  Seriously it actually looked kind of funny.

Star Power: 1 – Maybe someday these people will be stars.  They aren’t right now.

Prediction: Who knows with The CW, they renewed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend despite non-existent ratings.  But with the timeline of eight months there is a built in clock – eight months seems like roughly the time span of one season and either the world ends in eight months or his prediction is wrong in eight months.  Either way the premise would have to change for a potential season two.  Again, no one could watch this and it would get renewed.  Or not.  Chance of renewal 51%


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