2016 Fall Preview: Wednesday

prince spaghetti day
Bet you thought you’d see a camel here.

Lethal Weapon (9/21 @ 8/7c on FOX)

Premise: Did you see the movies?  Yeah, it’s that.

Reaction: Did you see the movies?

Star Power: 7 – Damon Wayans.

Prediction: TV shows based on movies have a tendency to flop.  Even when the don’t they get inexplicably cancelled (I’m looking at you CBS/Limitless).  Although airing this show on Wednesday with Empire, is worth probably a full point on the ratings.  Chance of renewal 65%

Speechless (9/21 @ 8:30/7:30c on ABC)

Premise: A mother tries to find the best place for her son, who is in a wheelchair and can’t speak (think Steven Hawking).

Reaction: Uh, mmm.  Wish they had switched the Tuesday and Wednesday new comedies, because the Tuesday one looks way better.

Star Power: 7 – Minnie Driver, plus a couple people I’ve seen before.

Prediction: Cushy timeslot, between Goldbergs and Modern Family.  It will probably do just fine, even if it does look kinda bad.  Chance of Renewal 60%

Designated Survivor (9/21 @ 10/9c on ABC)

Premise: The government is destroyed, and only one cabinet member remains.  He is the Designated Survivor, and he is now the President.

Reaction: Jack Bauer becomes president!  Okay not quite, everyone seems to have a low opinion of this designated survivor.  This is the best looking trailer I’ve seen so far.

Star Power: 8 – Kiefer Sutherland, Maggie Q, Natasha McElhone

Prediction: Lots of buzz plus a great cast, should equal success.  If the show is as good as the trailer, this might get the first renewal of the season.  Chance of renewal 75%

Frequency (10/05 @ 9/8c on The CW)

Premise: Did you see the movie?  Since this is less common than Lethal Weapon, a freak storm allows a HAM radio operator to talk across time – to their dead parent.

Reaction:  Another movie to TV show.  This one appears to actually twist the story a bit – the Christian Slater movie character is played by a woman in the TV show.

Star Power: 2 – If you watch The CW, you’ll recognize one of the leads from Tomorrow People.

Prediction: Again, who knows what the CW will do, but I imagine they will have to cancel something sometime.  It might as well be this remake.  Chance of renewal 49%



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