TV Review: Bull


Airs: Tuesdays 9/8c on NBC

Review: Pilot

There used to be a time when Pilot episodes were two hours long. Bull desperately needed two hours to explain what was happening. Instead we get an episode that looked like half of it got left on the cutting room floor.

Dr. Bull has a team of experts working for (with?) him, but never bothered to explain who they are and what they do. Bull had a lot of knowing looks at women (and had them returned), but it was never explained. None of his “science” was explained – it was just a lot of hand waving and mumbling about “algorithm” or some such. He figured out that the defendant was gay, and when asked he didn’t answer. He figured out who the real killer was, once again without an answer.

Perhaps worse than the completely incoherent storyline was Bull’s lack of sympathetic characters. We’ve already discussed the lack of introduction to his team, so why would we get attached to them? The defendant and his family were rich snobs that didn’t give a crap that someone was dead or that jail was a very real possibility. The defendant was so obnoxious, you hoped he was guilty – which I realize was the point of the show, but that makes it that much worse.

Despite all this, Bull has potential. I assume we will get introduced to the characters (eventually), and the show can grow into something worthwhile. The writing in the first episode was so abysmal, however, that I can’t fathom that they would actually succeed in writing compelling episodes, or sympathetic characters.

WWYT Rating: 3.5 (tempted to give this an incomplete since it was so incoherent)

Nielsen Rating: 2.2 This held every single viewer from NCIS. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – CBS viewers never change the channel. I originally said that the chance of renewal was 55%, but I will increase it 70% based on the premiere ratings.



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