TV Review: Kevin Can Wait


Airs: Mondays 8:30/7:30c on CBS

Review: Pilot

I think I have seen a few bits of Kevin James’ stand-up routines. He’s a funny guy. I also saw bits of King of Queens. Less funny. Kevin Can Wait is no King of Queens. In my preview I said “This appears to be another sitcom about a fat, lazy, husband who does nothing redeeming when his beautiful wife takes care of the kids while he goofs around.” I was only wrong in the sense that I understated the magnitude of the laziness and unredeemable qualities of the main character.

I’m struggling writing about the “plot,” since there doesn’t appear to be much of one (it’s a sitcom so that’s not entirely surprising). He’s retired – and going to combine paintball and go kart racing.  He has two school-age kids that he knows nothing about, which is probably why they were on the screen for less than 30 seconds. He has another kid in college (with hopes to go to law school). I have no idea what his wife sees in him, he is a total screw up and contributes nothing to the household (except apparently an enormous pension to pay for the three kids).

Kevin Can Wait manages to make both men and women look bad. The “funniest” joke was that his wife was a prostitute. The acting was dreadful – completely overacted (I like the guy from Bones/Alphas, but he was absolutely dreadful in this). I have been accused of not liking sitcoms (guilty), but I struggle to see how anyone can enjoy this one.

WWYT Rating: 3.9

Nielsen Rating: 2.6 In addition to predicting Kevin Can Wait would be terrible, I also predicted that it would do well. Following Big Bang Theory gives it a large chance of success. The buzz I have seen or heard tends to put it slightly above Life in Pieces (same timeslot last year), a show which was renewed. We will see what happens when Big Bang Theory reverts to Thursday nights. Chance of renewal 65%.


One thought on “TV Review: Kevin Can Wait

  1. Yes…it wasn’t good. But, as with most shows, I think one has to give it 3-5 viewings to be sure. Expository episodes of most shows are pretty bad. Let them get some sort of rhythm before deciding whether the premise/acting/writing/whatever doesn’t work. Now…how about a report on Designated Survivor? How disappointing was THAT? Sheesh.


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