TV Review: The Good Place


Airs: Thursdays 8:30/7:30c on NBC

Review: Pilot

It is rare for a sitcom to take its time and develop the story. Usually it jumps straight into a bad laugh track, and you wonder why someone should be laughing at that point (looking at you, Kevin Can Wait). The Good Place had a bit of leeway for development since it had a one-hour premiere.

Kristin Bell and Ted Danson are as good as you would expect. Danson plays Michael (I’m assuming he is the archangel Michael) the architect of the neighborhood. Bell plays Eleanor, a woman wrongfully admitted into the “good place.” Michael thinks Eleanor is a lawyer who got people off death row, when she is really a saleswoman who conned the sick and elderly. If I have a complaint, she is too unlikable – she really belongs in the other place despite her insistence that there should be something in between (and she could go there).

The Good Place is cute. I have heard the comparisons to Pushing up Daisies (I didn’t watch, so I can’t confirm). While the show is cute, it isn’t uproariously funny. It was a slow set up and took a while to get into the jokes. If I ever watched anything live and without a DVR, it would be a show that I watched if I got around to it, but wouldn’t be heartbroken if I missed an episode. With the DVR, I’ll record and watch other shows first and get around to it when/if I can.

WWYT Rating: 6.4

Nielsen Rating: 2.3 Going from 2.6 in the first half hour to 2.0 in the second half hour is a bad sign – especially when it moves to a tougher timeslot on Thursdays. I think most people would agree that it is better than Kevin Can Wait, but it is still less likely to get renewed. I originally gave it a 25% chance of survival and the buzz seems to be good, so I’ll raise my estimate slightly but it will still likely be cancelled. 35% chance of survival.



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