TV Review: Pitch


Airs: Thursdays 9/8c on FOX

Review: Pilot

There is a show on AMC called Preacher [I’ve heard it’s good, but I haven’t watched it], which is too bad because that would be a better title for Pitch. The first 10 minutes were the most preach-y but it had other moments throughout the show (basically any scene with Ali Larter).

Friday Night Lights was never about football. Similarly, Pitch isn’t about baseball. That is where the similarities end. Ginny Baker has a major-league arm, and now she is about to prove it with her first start for the San Diego Padres. Her first start doesn’t go well.  She throws 10 straight balls to start the game then pulls herself from the game. I did that once. I was 10. I got absolutely shelled. Afterward, my mother didn’t try to coddle me — she yelled at me for giving up on myself and my team. Anyone (male or female) who did that in the majors would be ripped to shreds and rightfully so. Her team would never accept her and she was already facing an uphill battle, this would cement the deal.

I’ll ignore the fact that Ginny’s mechanics are terrible for someone who allegedly throws in the low 80s (after all if they found someone who could throw in the low 80s, she wouldn’t be there). Ginny has probably had to deal with sexism on every level she’s played A, AA, and AAA, yet she still doesn’t know how to deal with it – she blows up at the stuff that isn’t sexist and ignores the stuff that is. She seems to spurn any attempt to make her part of the team – when the catcher comes out to calm her down [more on him in a second] she blows him off. With her quitter mentality [despite her father drilling into her not to be a quitter] and her own hang-ups, she would be a lousy teammate. So any integration into a major league club would be dead. Show over.

The show did have one bright spot. Mark Paul Gosselaar was fantastic. He plays the catcher and captain of the team. He is supportive (at least to her face) and funny and steals every scene (which probably isn’t a good thing for a white male to be overshadowing a black female lead). On the other end of the spectrum, Ali Larter plays the obnoxious agent. The key word being obnoxious. I would skip any scene she is in.

If you love Zack Morris and have every episode of Saved by the Bell on DVD, then this is probably a great show for you. Otherwise, just watch a real baseball game.

WWYT Rating: 5.0

Nielsen Rating: 1.1 A pretty low start to begin with, and will probably drop further. Its saving grace is that it is on FOX, a network with struggling ratings outside of Empire and whatever else they put on the same night. Chance of renewal 30% (unchanged)


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