TV Review: Notorious


Airs: Thursdays 9/8c on ABC

Review: Pilot

What a bunch of despicable people. There is zero redeeming value in Notorious. I have brought this up before, but when creating characters, you either need to make them likable or good at something. The characters in Notorious are the opposite of likable, but to be fair they do seem good at their various jobs. A lawyer and TV producer – not exactly the pantheon of likable professions.

I could go into the plot, but I’m not going to bother. I wanted to shut Notorious off 20 minutes into the episode, but I suffered through for you, dear readers. After watching the full 60 minutes, I can firmly say “Don’t watch this show,” unless you like watching people that you hope get hit by a bus. In which case you deserve to watch this show.

WWYT Rating: 3.0

Nielsen Rating: 1.1 Dreadful ratings, especially given the timeslot. ABC has had the quickest trigger finger the last few years, and won’t hesitate to axe this show by November. Chance of renewal 5% (down from 65%).


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