TV Review: Son of Zorn


Airs: Sundays 8:30/7:30c on FOX

Review: 2nd Episode

I missed the premiere of Son of Zorn since it aired on September 11, despite everything I saw saying it premiered on September 25. The missing episode didn’t really hamper my understanding. It is pretty much the definition of mindless entertainment.

Zorn is basically a misogynistic He-Man from the ‘80s, trying to be more involved in his (live-action) son’s life. It is every bit as stupid as it sounds. I laughed at it several times, but hardly ever with it. It does seem to fit in with the other Sunday FOX programs (Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons – though those are much better than Son of Zorn). It is a clever concept that just doesn’t work on screen, despite Cheryl Hines and Tim Meadows (though I hope Meadows continues his role on The Goldbergs).

WWYT Rating: 3.0

Nielsen Rating: 1.1 This is more or less in line with the other FOX programs for the evening. Mostly less. With the juggernaut of NFL as a lead-in, you would expect the ratings to be significantly better. While the show fits the theme of the night, I expect this number to continue to drop – decreasing its chances of renewal to 45% (from 55%)


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