Movie Review: Safety Not Guaranteed


Released: 10/18/12

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you have probably noted my subtext of wanting something original. Many reviews include the words “I’ve seen this before…” or “This reminds me of…” Most shows and movies are remakes, sequels, or comic book adaptations.  So it is refreshing when I see something different. Safety Not Guaranteed gets bonus points for originality.

Jeff, who lives in Seattle, is writing an article about an ad placed in a small, coastal tourist town paper by someone who is looking for a time travel partner, an assignment where “safety [is] not guaranteed.” Jeff takes along two interns, including Darius, who is depressed after her mother’s death. Kenneth, the author of the classified ad, responds best to Darius, so Jeff tasks Darius with gathering intel on Kenneth for their story. As Darius learns more about Kenneth, a bond develops between the two. Jeff, meanwhile, had ulterior motives; he was hoping to reconnect with an old girlfriend. Once he overcomes his initial hesitation, he develops a bond with her.

Safety Not Guaranteed is fun, quirky, and unpredictable. All the characters are likable and different. “Different” and Hollywood is always a good thing. Darius is depressed, but finds fun with Kenneth. The other intern, Arnau, seemed to just say random (hilarious) stuff. If I had one complaint, it is to offer one more layer. I wanted one more item at the beginning to make you think about the movie in a completely different way, and perhaps leave the ending a little more open-ended. As it is though, it was a pleasant, enjoyable film that will leave you with a smile.

WWYT Rating: 7.8

IMDB Rating: 7.0


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