Hallmark Movies: Catch-up


I have fallen woefully behind on my Hallmark movie reviews, much to the delight of some of my readers (and the chagrin of others). Rather than a full length post on each of a nearly dozen movies, I’ll just lump them all here, with short commentary. Currently, I am still at least three movies behind, but with the Countdown to Christmas nearly here, I wanted to update everyone on these stellar movies.

All Yours – Woman doesn’t believe a man can take care of her kids. No explanation given for this slap in the face. Rating: 5.78 (Rank: 66)

Wedding Bells – A couple who are clearly not going to get married, have their best friends plan their wedding after the bride’s parents’ money is tied up in a pyramid scheme. Rating 6.09 (Rank: 46)

The Convenient Groom – An online love advice columnist gives terrible advice and doesn’t listen to her boyfriend/fiancé. When they break up she conveniently finds a stand in. Rating: 6.64 (Rank: 15)

The Wedding March – Woman unknowingly schedules to have her wedding at an ex-boyfriend’s B&B. It goes as well as you would expect. Rating 6.39 (Rank: 25)

Summer Villa – The friend/publisher loans the use of her French villa to a writer to encourage book completion. The writer won’t be alone however, the publisher’s brother, a chef, is also there to for inspiration after a bad review. The rest writes itself. Rating 5.99 (Rank: 53)

Ms. Matched – A wedding planner butts heads with man who recommends budget weddings. While he is 100% correct, perhaps a wedding expo is not the place to espouse your ideas. Rating 5.79 (Rank: 65)

My Summer Prince – Another princess movie, interchangeable with all the other Hallmark princess movies. Rating 6.19 (Rank: 38)

Summer in the City – A “successful” business woman hires small town girl to run her New York City boutique. “Successful” business woman doesn’t know how to market her shop or do the books. She is also afraid to show her own clothes. Despite having zero business skill, she is trying to open a second shop. Rating 5.62 (Rank: 71)

Summer Love – A woman is caught in a love triangle between her boss and the CEO of the company. Ignoring obvious HR issues, a fun little movie. Enough twists to make it slightly different than all the other Hallmark movies. Rating: 6.69 (Rank: 13)

Summer of Dreams – Debbie Gibson stars as herself* in her own autobiography. Rating: 6.26 (Rank: 32)

Love on a Limb – A city employee chains herself to a tree to prevent it from being cut down instead of coming up with a solution to the problem and ends up costing the city thousands of dollars in the process. Rating 5.61 (Rank: 72)

*Her name changed to protect the innocent, but we all know it’s her.


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