TV Review: Man with a Plan


Airs: Monday 8:30/7:30c on CBS

Review: Pilot

CBS is taking the formula-driven series to a whole new level. CBS is already known for their dyed-in-the-wool procedurals (e.g. any one of the thousands of iterations of NCIS). But why they ordered the same script twice for this year is beyond me. It is one thing to be unoriginal; it is another to be unfunny. Man with a Plan is both.

In Man with a Plan, mom is going back to work; meaning dad has to do more around the house and be more involved with raising the kids. (See also: Kevin Can Wait). This is such a tired concept that I can’t believe CBS tried it twice this year.

Perhaps worse than its unoriginality is Man with a Plan’s complete lack of humor. I wanted to shut it off after three minutes. There was only one interesting character in the whole show – the stay-at-home-dad that hasn’t been around enough men for the past however many years. The problem is he overacted the part, making it eye rolling at best.

I am admittedly hard on sitcoms. I tend to find the “situation” part of sitcoms stupid and unrealistic (coming from the sci-fi/fantasy guy that tends to be rather damning). Man with a Plan is overdone, and not even remotely funny enough to overcome the same plot as a hundred other comedies that have come before it.

WWYT Rating: 3.9

Nielsen Rating: 1.6 A ho-hum rating for a ho-hum show. It will probably be renewed at this level, but it is also very likely to drop – putting it in danger of being cancelled. Chance of renewal 55% (up from 20%)


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