TV Review: The Great Indoors


Airs: Thursday 8:30/7:30c on CBS

Review: Pilot

I am a Gen Xer. I always called the generation after me Gen Y, with millennials those that were born in the new millennium. Turns out this is wrong. Millennials are what I always called Gen Y – they entered the workforce in the new millennium. [This also means that a new generation should be entering the workforce, are they Gen Zed? I think the following generation is the alpha generation. I think I have digressed rather significantly.]  Why do I bring this up? Because The Great Indoors has a Gen Xer mocking Millennials the entire show.

Jack is a typical Gen Xer, a loner, detached from society. He’s so detached that he travels the globe to remote locations and sends in stories to a magazine. As with all print media, the paper version of the magazine is dying and needs to switch to all online content – Jack is recalled to help with this transition – no more outdoor excursions. The challenge for him is a) reconnect with society; and b) deal with spoiled Millennials, who can’t handle criticism and want a prize for doing even the smallest thing correctly.

The Great Indoors is a bit heavy handed with the stereotyping. By “a bit” I mean as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face. As a Gen Xer myself, I enjoyed the endless mocking of the Millennials. However, the show might get tired after a while. And for all you Millennials reading this, GET OFF MY LAWN!

WWYT Rating: 7.0

Nielsen Rating: 1.9 An okay premier rating. Though I do have to question the strategy of mocking millennials when they will become an increasing percentage of the demo every year the show is on.


One thought on “TV Review: The Great Indoors

  1. Of the three “fish out of water white male” shows this year (Kevin/Whatever the one with Joey from Friends is called), this one is, by far, the funniest. I find hammer to the face humor to be the best type of humor when dealing with Millennials…and that’s coming from a Baby Boomer. This show needs to make it.

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