TV Review: Pure Genius


Airs: Thursdays 10/9c on CBS

Review: Pilot

Medical Dramas are an incredibly popular genre. From St. Elsewhere to ER to House MD, there always seems to be a long-running medical drama on TV. The last few years have seen a dearth of quality medical shows. Code Black was inexplicably renewed, while Chicago Med is more General Hospital than ER. Pure Genius attempts to join the ranks of legendary medical dramas. It fails.

Pure Genius is set at Bunker Hill hospital where billionaire James Bell is trying to marry top-notch doctors with top-flight technology. That is the extent of the plot, because the rest of it was dull – not even the medical mysteries were entertaining. The characters matched the plot; all of them were relatively normal people with no quirks to make them interesting. House was entertaining precisely because the main character was such an ass you wanted to see what would happen next. Of course, the actors aren’t helped by the overuse of computer CGI – acting quality is inversely proportional to the amount of CGI used (Sanctuary suffered from this big time). Finally, I’m not sure how Bunker Hill is financed – yes it has a billionaire backer, but it has millions upon millions in expenses with little to no income. Not to mention the massive lawsuits that they will inevitably be hit with given the highly experimental nature of their treatments.

Pure Genius is an interesting idea that doesn’t pass a reality check. Nor does it provide the drama part of a medical drama, with flat characters and medical mysteries that didn’t drum up interest. The search for the next legendary medical drama continues.

WWYT Rating: 4.5

Nielsen Rating: 1.0 This is CBS second lowest rated show and should only fall farther, don’t expect this to see 2017. Chance of renewal 5% (down from 45%)




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