TV Review: Incorporated

This is not Ben

Airs: Wednesdays 10 p.m. EST on Syfy

Review: Pilot

Cause and effect. It is a basic building block for science fiction. What would happen if…Germany won WWII? The Americans lost the Revolutionary War? The South won the Civil War? Incorporated theorizes what happens when climate change is allowed to continue unchecked.

It is 2074; climate change has caused governments to collapse and corporations to rise in its place. If you work for a corporation, you get privileges – a nice place to live, real bacon (unoriginal as I believe Colony did the exact same thing), self-driving cars (they’re coming anyway), and if you are highly thought of, permission to procreate. If you don’t work for a corporation, well, then you live in the slums. Ben works for a corporation, but he isn’t what he seems. Ben is looking for someone—we don’t know who she is or why he is looking for her, but he is using company resources to find her (a very big no-no in this world).

I found Ben to be a fascinating, likable character; enough that I can overlook my problems with the show. I disagree with most of the conclusions of climate change that Incorporated has assumed – Illegal immigration to Canada from the U.S., food shortages/rationing. If you accept the world the writers have created, then you can probably enjoy the show.

WWYT Rating: 6.5

Nielsen Ratings: 0.17 Just a shade below Channel Zero ratings, but the good news is that the second episode ratings rose from the pilot ratings. If it continues to rise, it should be renewed. Chance of renewal 51%.


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