TV Review: Channel Zero: Candle Cove


Aired: 10/11-11/15 on Syfy

Review: Pilot

Horror isn’t my favorite genre, which is ironic given that Steven King is one of my favorite authors. Channel Zero: Candle Cove is all over the place, but it is a horror show through and through.

Mike Painter is compelled to return home. His dreams tell him to go home. He carves “Mike Go Home” into his skin (unclear why). He returns to his home town hoping to get answers for the murders that occurred there when he was a child. Instead, it seems that the murders might be starting up again, as the daughter of his childhood friend goes missing. Mike is the one to find her, which only casts suspicion on him that serve to give him answers. Candle Cove was the title of a show that was on during the time of the murders, and Mike believes that the show has something to do with the murders.

As I said, this show was all over the place in the pilot – was it a poltergeist, was it a monster, or is Mike schizophrenic? I personally lean toward the latter, but I always lean that way in these types of shows. The constant flashbacks to his childhood didn’t make it easy to figure out what was happening (non-linear storytelling, hurray!)

The mystery is interesting, and there is definitely a Steven King vibe to Channel Zero, but horror isn’t my genre. Plus the uneven storytelling gave me whiplash. We’re in the past, no we’re in the present, it’s a dream, no a hallucination, no it’s real, it’s a ghost, no a monster, wait is this real? What the heckfire is going on? I imagine if I stick with it I might get answers, but it really isn’t my kind of show.

WWYT Rating: 5.5

Nielsen Rating: Averaged a 0.19 over the season. Already renewed for a second season.


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