2016 New TV Show of the Year


It has been a poor slate of new shows this year. I only kept a handful of new shows out of the dozens of new shows this year. And in a stunning upset, the New TV Show of the Year is…

The Great Indoors. This is Us has a much bigger following and more critical acclaim. Designated Survivor is much closer to my normal viewing, but in a startling twist, I enjoy watching The Great Indoors much more than either of those programs. I have been told I have a bias against sitcoms, so for a sitcom to win is a bit of a shock, even to me. And, The Great Indoors isn’t the greatest show ever — a couple episodes have been duds, but it is probably the only show I find myself looking forward to each week, because who doesn’t love to laugh at millennials (to be fair they have taken their fair share of shots at Gen Xers).

Runner-up: Lethal Weapon – Conversions from a movie rarely do well, however, Lethal Weapon manages to capture the spirit of the original movie, but still maintains some creativity.

Honorable Mention: Stranger Things, as I said this was an incredibly poor slate of new shows, even more so when I give an award to a show I haven’t even seen. However, this show is on nearly every other “top ten in 2016” list, and I have heard first hand that it is probably the best show of the year.

Dishonorable Mention: Conviction.  There were a lot of bad shows to choose from this year, but I have to go with the show with the most ridiculous premise. It is so bad that I think I have mocked Conviction in at least two other reviews so far. It has already been cancelled, so we don’t need to worry about this show anymore.


One thought on “2016 New TV Show of the Year

  1. OK…

    A) We agree. Best new show by far, and
    B) You’ve been told that you have a bias against comedies? Pshhh… You’ve explicitly stated that you have a bias against comedy, you can’t blame that on us.


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