2016 Food Establishment of the Year


Moving to a new city has opened up an entire new selection of restaurants this year. Of course, I really didn’t eat at all the restaurants in my last city, but now I have a new city to explore. With the abundance of casinos in Reno, there is no shortage of high-quality restaurants to try. This year’s winner is…

Bimini: The steakhouse located in the Peppermill casino is my top choice for the year. They had some small slip-ups in service and food prep, but the overall quality of the food was the best I had all year, especially in comparison to the Atlantis Steakhouse, which was also very good, but the food quality, while good, was noticeably lower than that of Bimini.

Honorable Mention: El Paisano’s. The pupuseria y taqueria exposed me to a new food (pupusa) and gave me the tacos I have been looking for since Chicago. Excellent street food at affordable prices, I have been back several times already this year.

Dishonorable Mention: Me. Despite the new city and an abundance of new options, I only reviewed eight restaurants. I hope I can get to a few more places next year – there are plenty more steakhouses to visit (a staple in any casino, but I’ll try to avoid the “$9.99 Prime Rib” variety). There are also plenty of brewhouses to visit as well.


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