2016 Movie of the Year


movie of the year

Our final category of the year is Movie of the Year. The movies I saw this year were rather average, but there were a couple good ones. I didn’t see Force Awakens until this year; a good movie but not original enough to win the movie of the year. I haven’t seen Rogue One yet. This year’s winner is…

The Adjustment Bureau. As unoriginal as Force Awakens was, The Adjustment Bureau was the opposite, with a creative premise around free will versus determinism. The what-would-you-do questions that the movie created was the highlight to a pretty average year of movie watching.

Honorable Mention: Zooptopia. A little blunt with their message, but overall an enjoyable movie for all ages.

Dishonorable Mention: Prometheus. This prequel to one of the eeriest movies of all time (Alien(s)), was too similar to the original. The slow build was way too slow – I stopped caring halfway through the movie.


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