Restaurant Review: Carniceria Dos Amigos


Date Dined: 1/12/17

We’ve been having some weather in Reno. Snow, rain, flooding, more rain, more snow. During the second bout of snow, my car slid down a hill and into a curb. The car was still drivable, but I could tell something was wrong. I took her to the dealership, but because of the weather, they weren’t running a shuttle until they found a car with four-wheel drive. Three hours later, they finally found a car (you’re on a car lot — how hard is it to find a car?) With my car being still about an hour away from “ready,” I asked if they could take me to lunch. When they asked what I wanted, I responded as I always do, “Tacos (or burritos).” I was told that there was a great taco place just down the street. Five minutes later we pull into…Taco Bell. That’s right, someone recommended Taco Bell, as if I had never heard of the place. Fortunately, there happened to be another Mexican place in the strip mall behind the Taco Bell, Carniceria Dos Amigos.

Attached to a Mexican market, Dos Amigos was far more authentic than Taco Bell.  The chips and salsa were okay; the salsa had the right amount of onion/cilantro mix but very little in the way of spicy heat. I ordered the Steak Burrito. I should have worried when there wasn’t an upcharge for ordering steak – the steak wasn’t the highest quality. Its carne asada marinade was good, but not enough to overcome the poor quality of the meat. I also probably would have left the burrito on the grill another minute or two to give the tortilla a little more oomph.

Carniceria Dos Amigos wasn’t great, my meal needed more heat in the salsa and better quality meat, but it was still better than Taco Bell. I wasn’t planning on returning, but I had to that same day to pick up my credit card, which they forgot to give back to me.

WWYT Rating: 6.0


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