Ratings Legend

  Rating Description TV Example Movie Example Book Example Food & Wine Example
Worth Your Time 10.00 Impossible Standard of Perfection None
8.01-9.99 Highly enjoyable, and well executed Breaking Bad Empire Strikes Back Count of Monte Cristo Alinea
6.00-8.00 Has some flaws, but generally enjoyable Castle Pirates of the Carribean The Recluse Series (LE Modesitt Jr) Jax Fish House
Not Worth Your Time 4.00-5.99 More Flaws than positive qualities Las Vegas Real Steel Xenocide (Ender Quintent #3) Asparagus
2.00-3.99 Serious Flaws True Blood The Divide The Sword of Truth McDonalds
.01-1.99 Very little redeeming value Temptation Island The Road 50 Shades of Grey Burger King
0.00 Impossible Standard of Imperfection None

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